Digital & web analytics

Digital & web analytics

Web Analytics

You have no idea how your digital channels contribute to your strategic objectives?

With all these insights – you are able to take informed business decisions and – more important – actions that in the end will result in better, more efficient use of your digital channels.



Improved customer satisfaction

Increased revenue (sales/leads)

A better return on investments of your e-marketing spending


The digital analytics journey

The digital analytics journey is composed of 4 main stages:

Preparation: Preparing your journey well is critical. You need to know from where you are coming from, to have a clear and well-defined destination, and clearly understand what you need to get there and how to achieve it.

Implementation & measurement: Quality data is the foundation of digital analytics. As soon as you have identified your needs, you need to correctly implement the necessary tools, collect all necessary & relevant data and report it to the right stakeholders.

Analysis & optimization: You transform data into business insights and intelligence. From these insights, you identify opportunities for improvement and make recommendations.

Development & maturity: You build upon your first successes and leverage the use of analytics, expanding it outside the digital world across your organization. You develop internal expertise and industrialize analysis & optimization practices. Digital analytics integrates with business analytics.


Our digital analytics services

Wherever you are on the digital analytics path, the Uptimizers assist you along the different phases of your journey and help you extract maximum value from your digital channels.

To succeed in its mission, the Uptimizers provides a unique and complete range of services – grouped into 4 main categories:

  1. Strategy & management services
    We help you plan, organize and manage your digital analytics.
  2. Technical & implementation services
    We implement, we support you, we check and optimize your measurement set-up.
  3. Analysis & Consulting services
    We transform your data into business knowledge, we advise you, we test ideas and help you optimize your digital channels.
  4. Resources & expertise development
    We share know-how and expertise, we assist you in developing your internal expertise and evangelize your organization.
Google Analytics training

Google Analytics training

Learn to use Google Analytics to analyze the performances of your digital channels and to optimize their efficiency.

The Uptimizers offers different on-site training modules, with a practical format and based on your website, your knowledge level and your expectations.

Trainings can be provided in English, Dutch or French

All our training include practical examples based on real cases and Q&A sessions in order to answer all your specific questions.

For more information about out trainings you can always contact us.


Case Kia Motors Belgium:

Kia Motors Belgium

The challenge:
Measure accurately the business performance of their website and e-marketing actions (SEA, bannering, social media…)

Our approach:
We started first by identifying the appropriate online key performance indicators for Kia Motors Belgium to measure the different objectives of their online channels, from brand awareness to lead generation. We then optimized their analytics implementation in order to be able to measure accurately the required different indicators and other key metrics.
We helped them build a global dashboard that integrates data from various sources – analytics, Facebook, CRM and others.

Web analytics case Kia Motors Belgium

The results:
Online results are monitored on monthly basis and shared within the organisation. We provide regular in-depth analysis and recommendations to help Kia Motors Belgium to improve the ROI on their online marketing investments.



We are not bound to any specific tool but we work with the tools our customers are using . We have experience and expertise with many tools including:

  • Google Analytics
  • WebTrends Analytics
  • ComScore Digital Analytix
  • WebTrekk
  • Adobe Site Catalyst
  • ClickTale
  • Google Tag Manager
  • BrightTag
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Optimizely

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